Is A Big Or Small E Cigarette Right For You?

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It goes without saying that bigger is always better. Well, this is not always the case as the choice is usually yours to make. It will be no use going for the big and complicated vapors whereas you don’t have any experience. For the experienced smokers, it will be rather awkward to still stick with that mini or mid-sized e-cigs which have a lesser puff. If you have the funds, go for the big e-cigarettes to satisfy your urge. However, the option you choose whether big or small, there are advantages and drawbacks. Below is a comparison between the big and small e-cigarettes.

  • Big cigarettes. In order for you to go for the big e-cigs (including the ego vape pens and ones that have vape mods), it means that you either want a stronger puff and a longer battery life. Instead of sticking to the old habit of having to charge your batteries now and then or having to purchase new sets of batteries every time, you can go for the large batteries found in big e-cigs to last longer. The battery life is measured in milliamp hours (see the best vape mod for more information). This increases proportionally with the battery size. For the mini-models, the battery ranges from (150-350) mAh. This means that they can only last up to a day from then you will require to recharge it. With the mid-models slightly larger than the mini-models, will have a battery power of (600-1100) mAh. This increase in power comes with an increase in puffs per minute for up to a thousand puffs. They resemble ordinary cigars and for heavy users this can last for an entire day. For the mods, the largest of all e-cigarettes, they have the longer-lasting batteries. They take after an ordinary flashlight. They come packed with removable lithium cells. They are specifically designed to cater for the much advanced users who want control on their side. They have a battery power of (1500-2000) mAh. They have the longest battery life give you that pleasurable smoking experience. They come with more upgrades and you can accessorize to your liking. However, these devices can prove to be difficult for starters. If you like the wax type, the best vape pen for wax is a good page to look deeper into.

  • Big cigarettes; Complications. With mini-sized e-cigs, a user will enjoy a simple smoking experience. One is only required to take a puff just like a traditional cigarette. For most mid-sized e-cigs, they come with automated batteries though some brands are also available in manual batteries. This means that the user control on the device is limited. On the bright side, you will have the replaceable cartridge which is thrown away once you run out of the liquid nicotine. For mid-sized e-cigs, you will need to manually operate it by use of a button. Moreover, they come in refillable cartridges which only require cleaning before refilling it with the liquid nicotine. For the latest models, you can regulate the voltage and you have many accessories to choose from.

  • Performance and simplicity gauge. With the big cigarettes proving to be more cumbersome than its counterparts, they tend to lose fame among users. However, the performance of big e-cigs, out stands that of the mini models. It has battery friendly options lasting for almost two days making your smoking more realistic. For those making the switch and beginners, it would be advisable for you to start with the mini e-cigarettes. For an advanced smoker, with more craving for the vapor, you will go for the mods. This is because you will want minimal interruption while doing your thing. Moreover, if you desire that strong vapor you will have to go with this option since the stronger the nicotine vapor the more powerful your battery should be. In addition to the battery life, you will still need a flexible e-cig. For big cigarettes, you will enjoy all the available flavors. Unlike big cigarettes, mini and mid-sized e-cigs users are confined to only to ten to twenty flavors. This keeps your smoking experience versatile. Moreover, the nicotine cartridges are known to hold up to three milliliters compares with the 1-1.5ml provided in the small e-cigarette. This will give you longer smoking time. For the light users, the extended battery life together with the extra capacity might not mean much to you. For starters, you will only need less vapor so purchasing a high capacity battery will be a waste. This is because you will not be using it quite often.


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