Start Using Coupons Today

Are coupons like companies from the Tire rack or even Halo E Cigs worth the time? Coupons for things like the vape pen and other e cigarette products have been for a long period unpopular. It is only recently after the American financial depression did their popularity increase.

The Great American Coupon has made its way back into the American society. This was after the financial crisis that engulfed the country in 2008. The great comeback occurred in 2008 immediately Lehman Brothers was up in smokes.

Not Popular

Simply brushing through the coupon concept and it does not take an individual long to understand the reason the popularity of coupons has been decreasing until recently. In the United States, many consumers ignore them.

One of the problems is that the consumer has to make some time for collecting flyers from their mailboxes and visiting website coupon pages like the Tire Rack coupon and Halo coupon options. Well, that is as though that is not enough. One has to go through lots of them, decide the ones to use, and stick them in their wallets. Then, and only then, they have to recall to use them each time they are at the cash register, remember all the places they park their car, and all the places shopped.

All the time spent throughout the process might be translated to mean that the individual will earn good money. No! That is not the case instead; the average savings that they will make from each coupon is $1.44. Now this is discouraging. For many people, this is not worth their time and this is the reason that 99% of coupons end up in the dustbins.

On the other hand, there is an advantage of using coupons like the Halo Cigs coupon since the time it takes to use them reduces with increase in usage. This is because of the fact that the costs of sorting the flyers is done in general terms.

The financial worth

It would be important to make some financial calculations that many individuals consider relevant for high finances only. That is, if we were to assume that an individual uses a coupon per minute. Then at a rate of $1.44 coupon an hour, they would make $86.40 an hour.

Such an amount will now arouse the curiosity of many Americans. Yes, even the ones that are lucky to have a permanent employment. They have to wake early in the morning each day, deal with traffic common in many American cities, and lastly endures workplace grind on a daily basis to earn $20/hr. Well, while saving will result to better incomes relative to working, it also does not attract any taxes from the government. With a regular employment and individual would have to earn more than $110/hour to earn $86/hour after taxes.

Many Americans would rather not do this low volume finances. For them, they only consider high volume finances. This, coupled with the fact that coupons are time wasting, discourages many from saving using coupons.

Time should not be a problem

Of course, time management is an issue to everyone. To many people the scarcest resource in their life is time. That is, placing their time in a manner that translates into maximizing the value for it. This is not only a financial challenge for many people around the globe, but it is also a personal test.

To protect themselves from the unknown, many people will seek some sought of security, which coupons do not offer. This explains the lack of interest by many people on coupons. Well, as indicated in the calculations done above Americans are losing many opportunities presented by coupon savings.

Still, motivation seems to be the major hindrance to many people. What can be done to change this? Well, when shopping it would be vital to stop asking whether coupons are worth the time like at the site Instead, the questions should be if there is the need of earning $100 an hour while at home.

Lack of Motivation

Individual amounts may not seem much, but you will recall about tiny acorns and might oaks. Well, a person that decides to make savings of only $25/week will have saved $1,200 by the end of an year. Continued dedication will have the meaning that the saving may grow into $120,000 and more in a few years. Now that is more than motivation.

Examples Of E Cigarette Coupons

Coupons are available in many forms. However, they all serve the same purpose which is to offer a price cut in order to boost sales volume. Different companies will offer different coupons. They could be intended for the same product and the same purpose, but then have different names. This is the mostly due to the difference in taste and preferences of different manufacturers and also due to the different product brands. In the same case, the electronic cigarette coupons are named different by different firms but most serve the same purpose. Some are applicable to all brands whereas others are limited to a particular brand.

Standard features of the electronic cigarette coupons

Percentage rate (x %): whichever the name given to the coupon, the percentage rate must be show. This is the rate which shows the price reduction rate that is expected on the total purchases. High discount rates are associated with bulk purchases.

Cigarette: this is the term that identifies that the coupon is associated with cigarettes and the top e cig brands. The term could be in full or truncated to cig. This is necessary for the customers collecting coupons so that they can be specific and avoid frustrations. At times, a customer may present an electronic cigarette coupon but then find that it is not applicable. This is as a result of failure to identify where the coupon belongs.

Brand name: example V2 Cigs and Blu Cigs. This identifies the electronic cigarette brand being discounted. Different brands are discounted at different rates as per the manufactures discretion. This information is important to customers, for they prefer things differently as described in the best e cigarette reviews.

Famous electronic cigarette coupons

21% off electronic cigarette: this entitles the holder to a 21% discount on all electronic cigarettes purchased.

33% off USB electronic cigarettes: this is a discount meant for the electronic cigarettes which use a USB. A client receives a 33% price cut.

V2 coupon code: these are coupons associated with the V2 electronic cigarettes brand. They are aimed to make the brand popular and include; 10% off and 15. The coupon can apply for all purchases or a specified purchase volume.

Rules pertaining to the use of electronic cigarettes coupons

Many electronic cigarettes can be found online, even smaller brands like the Backwoods Brew coupon. This has enabled people in areas where these cigarettes are not common get access to them. However, before buying the cigarettes, there are rules to be followed.

Age limit: many online selling platforms require a person to be of 18 years and above. This is will ensure that, only people aware of health hazards resulting from cigarette smoking get access to them.

Credit card policy: to trade for the electronic cigarette online v, an individual will be required to possess a valid credit card. This is to facilitate the transaction and prove of ownership.

Important things to bear in mind before purchasing the various brands

Electronic cigarettes are of many types. These differ in shape, size and their operation.

Two piece e-cigars: these are the most common and owe reputation from various brands such as the V2 and the Bull Smoke. It consists of a cartridge and a battery with the shape of the normal cigarette. The electronic cigarette coupons available on this brand majorly include the V2 coupon codes.

The tanks: these are long and require the use of an e liquid. Therefore, they are not preferred by many but they give a good experience to those who are accustomed to their use.

Emerging issues on e-cigarettes

Online sales: many electronic cigarette products are available in many online selling platforms. This has facilitated their wide use and applicability.

The use of coupons: electronic cigarette discounts like the Blu Cigs coupon code are gaining popularity as days goes by.

Counterfeits: the internet offers knowledge to many people indiscriminately. For instance, the knowledge on how to make electronic cigarettes has been published on many websites. Innovative and daring people have gone ahead to make their own e-cigarettes. Some make them for their own consumption while others will make them for sale. There are various risks associated with such and, therefore, it is good for people to be on the lookout.


A customer, who knows the brand he or she uses, will have a smooth time hopping with an electronic cigarette coupon. This is because, majority of these coupons are brand sensitive.